How to Get to Tamarindo from Liberia Airport


How to Get To Tamarindo From Liberia Airport


How to get to Tamarindo from Liberia Airport. Liberia International Airport is located about 75km from Tamarindo which by car can easily be covered in just under an hour and a half. You can also choose to make the trip by public transport, which will save you enough money but you will spend more hours on the road.

Here are the different ways to get from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo:

Liberia Airport Shuttle (private minivan service). Shuttle from Liberia Airport to Tamarindo can be private (for yourself or for you and your companion / s) or it can be a minivan shared with other passengers traveling in the same direction. The approximate prices are 80US $ depending amount of people.

Taxi. As every international airport has taxis in the arrivals terminal. You can take one directly to Tamarindo (which can cost you over 120US $) or combine a taxi from the airport to the Liberia bus terminal (cost about 18US $) and take a bus to Tamarindo.

How to get to Tamarindo From Liberia Airport

Find the updated public bus rates above.

Public Transport is the most economical option and from the airport a direct bus line runs to the city center every hour (5.30am is the first) and runs the approximately 10 kilometers in about 20 minutes. The bus leaves you at Avenida 3 and 10, a few meters from the Municipal Bus Terminal of Liberia. From there, you combine a bus from La Pampa which has regular service and takes you directly to Tamarindo for about 1350 colones (about 2 € aprox.) And takes about an hour and a quarter – or times almost 2 hours if you make the journey stopping in the intermediate villages. There is also the Alfaro company with more modern buses that has two daily services that connect Liberia with Tamarindo but to more than 2,600 colones (more than 4 € or 5us $). So if you travel on a tight budget make sure you get on the bus from La Pampa.

Car rental. In the arrivals terminal of the airport you have car rental agencies where you can rent the car of your choice.


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